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Welcome to Play Partners Pty Ltd, Early Intervention services for Children and Young adults.

Play Partners was established in Clare, South Australia at the start of 2016 in recognition of the need for a local provider of early intervention services for children with NDIS funding. Play Partners currently provides services to NDIS participants as well as private early intervention services and Medicare subsidised enhanced primary care allied health services. We also run Social Detectives and PEERS group programs for social cognition and social skills development.  

Play Partners will provide services to young adults with disability where our developmental model meets need.

Play Partners currently employs two occupational therapists, a physiotherapist, a speech pathologist, an allied health assistant and a finance officer. There is opportunity for further expansion.

Play Partners offers a centre-based therapy service at 3 and 4/25 Old North Road, Clare and outreach visits to home, school or kindy or day options programs, as therapist availability permits. 

The Play Partners Approach to Early Intervention

As the name suggests, therapists work with the understanding that they are partners in a child's play. Goal based therapeutic intervention is opportunistic and is led by the child's interests on the day. Children with additional needs often require long-term contact with health professionals.  We attempt to provide a fun, safe and encouraging environment that children will want to return to. 

The Play Partners Trauma Responsive Practice Framework

Children find and experience safety in and through relationships. Play Partners values consistent, predictable, and safe relationships as the conduit through which therapeutic work occurs. Play Partners staff are required to undertake training in attachment theory as well as trauma informed practise during their first year of employment with the organisation. Our work is guided by the organisations trauma responsive framework document. 


Play Partners Values


Dignity and choice for consumers/participants
Play Partners recognises the inherent value of each person and treats each individual and their family with respect, dignity and in accordance with their values and right to self-determination. The culture, values and beliefs of the person and family are respected and upheld in the context of Play Partners Pty Ltd therapeutic intervention. The diversity of family, culture, experience and how this relates to the person and family’s participation in community is considered and responded to sensitively.
Play Partners provides information about their service to all new participants and understands that choice is a right exercised by the participant when engaging therapeutic service that best meet their need. Play Partners supports review of current arrangements with each active participant to ensure the person and family’s needs are been met by Play Partners support provision. Play Partners supports the presence of an advocate if required.


Safe, non-judgemental relationships
Play Partners values safety, trust, choice and collaboration with all consumers of their service. Play Partners acknowledges the increased prevalence of trauma in persons with a disability and trauma informed care is built into the Play Partners model. This model of care respects regular consistent contact in the context of a safe relationship as integral to practise. Consistent respectful relationships are considered the key conduit through which effective therapeutic intervention occurs. Play Partners team members are committed to developing these relationships with participants and family from initial contact.


Respectful, open, honest and transparent communication between staff and consumers/participants
Play Partners acknowledges the importance of clear, respectful, honest and transparent communication between all staff and with all consumers/participants of the service. It is understood that communication is the key to a person feeling heard and understood. It also provides the foundation for a safe working space and consumer satisfaction with service delivery. It also facilitates positive working relationships with other stakeholders involved in a consumer/participant’s care.


Consistency of service provision
Play Partners operates as a trans-disciplinary practise recognising it as best practise early intervention but also the value of this model in a rural setting where access to consistent allied health service providers can be challenging. This also allows for continued provision of service in the absence of the regular service provider. Initial connection with the participant and their family involves discussion of the goals and how this may best be supported by the Play Partners team.

Feedback that contributes to quality improvement in service
Play Partners provides opportunity for verbal feedback and complaints as well as written communication via the Play Partners Complaints, Compliments and Feedback form. Play Partners follows the grievance procedure as per Play Partners HR manual p 65 with additional provisions for consumers and NDIS participants to seek advocacy and follow up any unresolved complaints with APRHA or the NDIS commission. Feedback and complaints inform part of Play Partners quality improvement process. In addition to this staff are encouraged to voice concerns and provide feedback that contributes to quality improvement in service delivery.


Play Partners is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme for children and young adults with disability. We can accommodate participants who are Agency, Plan or Self Managed.
Our Registration ID is 4-3LLK-1361. Our current registrations include Early Childhood Intervention and Therapeutic Supports.

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